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A collection of short stories based on the experiences, legend, lore and parties of students at a small liberal arts school. What Happens On Campus and Other Stories will take you on a journey through the highs and lows of University living from freshman to sophmore year. Four years of fears, laughter, sex and friendships - just make sure you make it to graduation.

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Four majors in two years, an endless string of dead-end relationships, a book addiction, a drinking problem and a dead little sister is all Damon Green has to show for Four semesters at East Norwick University. Then a month before graduation Damon VANISHES. His parents only hope of finding him seems to be in a box full of papers, journals ​and poems in their son's closet. Journals and scraps of paper wreaking of weed and cigarettes chronicle his last four years. Go with Damon's parents through the box and meet their son for the first time. Was it his frat-dude enemies? Political foes? Alcohol poisoning? WHAT HAPPEN TO DAMON GREEN? "Funny, everything you look for in a story...SWEDISH FISH captures the spirit of the millennial generation and screams it through the mind of a sarcastic, troubled protagonist..."

By the time Olie finishes school he's sick of the humdrum scheduled life. When he meets a female MMA fighter Loren, life gets interesting for the young writer. Fights, New York nightlife, a new job with Lebajez corporation, Olie likes the new version of himself, even if his best friend Reggie doesn't. Everything changes when he figures out what he has really gotten himself into. His highflying mentor, a shady but lucrative business, and money are all backed by a national sex-trafficking ring....

  1. Managing Director

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