New York is an interesting city, and it didn't get this way by chance. City planners have been busy in the Big Apple for a long time. But planning is far from a perfect science. Did you know, with today's zoning laws 40% of the buildings in Manhattan couldn't be built?

Here are a few 
maps I made taking a look at the zoning breakdown of NYC.

  1. Zoning Map of New York City
    Zoning Map of New York City
  2. All Zones
    All Zones
  3. Park Land
    Park Land
  4. Public Space
    Public Space
  5. Low-density Multifamily Residentials
    Low-density Multifamily Residentials
  6. Residential Only
    Residential Only
  7. Commercial & Manufacturing Only
    Commercial & Manufacturing Only
  8. Mixed-use

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